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I still miss you every day

Dear Gramma,

I told you I'd make you proud. I wish you were here to see this, so much has changed. I'm working every day to be a better person. To live the life that I want, and be the person I always knew that I could be. The person that you always told me I could be.

I so wish I could see your face. Hear your words. I remember your smile, I wish I could see you smiling for me. I feel your love. But oh, man, if you could only be here. I've got my shit together, just like I told you I would.

It's a process. Every day is a new challange, but it gets easier with every right decision.

He's a wonderful boy. You'd love him. I know you would. Your approval always mattered. I wanted you to be there for all the important moments in my life. And even though you're not physically there, and that hurts a little, I know that you're there in spirit, smiling down on me from heaven, letting me know how happy for me and how proud of me you are. I can feel that.

I'm sorry for the people that never got to meet you. You're amazing. So many things you taught me, so many memories, so many lessons, and advice. You're beautiful, inside and out, and your memory will live with my always.

Thank you so much for everything. I wouldn't be the person that I am today if I didn't have you in my life. I freaking love you. Every day, every moment. <3 You're an outstanding lady, and I only hope that I can be half the woman that you were.

Love you.

-Kristy Baboon (You're Dumb Banana)
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